Poem for “My” Son

My heart bleeds a slow, lonely pain of life with you there

My soul pours tears needing you with me, my dear. You are my son, my peace, my best friend.

My boy you made a mistake, know that you are forgiven, NO one is perfect or free of falling face first in this thing called life.

This is a fight ” We Will WIN”. 4 years they have had my heart on two legs in a cage. Treating you like a caged animal. If they only knew you, baby! They only see what they want

My love, you are more than a number

My awesome boy, your spirit & mind is free as a bird, you are strong, so handsome, so kind

My hope in the Justice system fades daily as I see the hell you walk in.

My love will never die, no walls can keep me away. You are my joy, my strength

My Dvine  

By Genene Garman