*Speech on diversity by DvineWise

*Speech on diversity by #DvineWise
as I sit here looking back on my life, realizing and focusing solely on the diversity of my skin complexion, others may know already I am a light skin brother, others may call a mixed breed. I am Italian, Indian, African American, German, and Irish. yeah, yeah.
I know you would call me a mutt but is one of the finest mutts you will ever find, but let me continue I also have good hair to tag on to that but most people would consider this a blessing but I can assure you that it has its pros and cons.

I battle with the fact of not fitting. I have tried to fit in with my African American brothers but to them I am considered to be too light, so then I said I will try to fit in else were trying to fit in with the Caucasian community ,this did not work either I was considered too dark and didn’t fit in and others may ask well how do you know you didn’t fit in, if anyone has been in this position of not fitting in, I’m sure many of us have you know, how you can just feel the distance, the secret conversations you miss out on, the events you just so happen to miss out on, you feel the shift of the energy, whenever your around, so I then went further on to see were else I may fit in I tried Hispanics nothing, I tried being around nerds I was to aggressive and just not as bright .

I tried surrounding my self around thugs I figured out soon that’s not who I am and then I even tried athletes, businessmen, and so on.
We can speak on the list forever. My wanting to fit in cost me 4 years of my life in prison. I am now currently fighting my case and serving a 12 year sentence and along this journey I realized something that some of us may never fit in and we look in search and try to find a crowd to fit in with and this we will never find and the reason why, is because the most high whether you call him God, Allah,, Jesus, Buda or the most high, did not create you to fit in this is not a part of your calling your destiny you are meant to be a leader so instead of allowing your diversity to hinder you whether it’s your skin, upbringing, race, spirituality, sexuality, mental capacity, stand strong and realize your diversity could simply be a blessing in disguise

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