Rise of The SHADOWS by Dvine Wise

Sango, walked up the stairs of the old wooden tavern not knowing if he had made the correct choice. Surely, his pitch black skin would stand out as he scanned the area once more. With his bright red eyes glowing, giving him an evil, sinister look, and feel, coupled with his matted, dark beard, thick dreadlocks hanging down to his lower back region, and his aura of someone not to be fucked with, he approached the door to the establishment with a calm readiness for whatever.

As soon as he opened the doors and walked in with a gate and swag of royalty, Sango could sense the hostility and pure demise in those in attendance that housed fear. As Sango began to walk towards the desk of the host, Sango confronted a few of the guest’s gaze as he took majestic strides with his massiveness and static size. The clerk host, in a broken voice, stuttered and asked, “How may I help you ‘sa, sa, sa’ SIR? Sango clapped back without hesitation, “I need a bed for the night and a mug filled endlessly, of your finest ale.” Sango then felt a tap on his shoulder which he immediately turned around to see who on earth had the audacity and nerve to touch him.

Sango was now looking at a plump white squarely man carrying a sword and a dagger, one in each hand. This plump bastard then asserted himself and stated firmly that, “We do not serve your kind!” Sango quickly punished the scoundrel with an assertive thrust to the nose, instantly breaking it in multiple places. As the “plumper” released both tools that here in his grasp prior, the plump man grabbed his face in excruciating pain. Sango, without hesitation, reached down, grabbing the mans dagger in mid decent before it hit the floor, he then spins the plumper around at the speed of light. The next sounds that echoed the tavern were the cries of the plumper who got a dose of his own dagger to the left side of his neck.

Sango, so eloquently whispers in the man’s ear opposite of the blood squirts from the other side of the plumper, “I think that it would be in your best interest to leave me the fuck alone, as I am the Devil, himself. The vibrations of Sango’s low, deep tone combined with his telling accord of fact, caused the plumper to shake and fall to the ground.

Without flinching, Sango then turns around, back to the clerk and continues his transaction of obtaining a room, before he was so rudely interrupted. “Now much will that be?” Sango, now waiting for an answer of anything besides the nonsense the plumper presented in haste and ignorance. “Th, Th, Th, three silver Sir,” the clerk uttered. Sango provided four choice silver coins and told the clerk, “the extra is for you. Now tent to my ale as requested.”

As Sango headed for a seat while he awaited the preparation of his room, he watched the plump man stagger over to his cronies stating some form of rhetoric as they all headed for the exit doors. Sango knew in his knower of knower’s, that the night had just begun. At the same time, Sango had finished the last drop of his top-shelf ale, his room was now read. Once he got to his temporary abode, Sango removed his pitch black armor and then drifted off into a deep, resting sleep.

From the author, D’Vine Wise part of his new book series forthcoming this Summer of 2019. Pre-orders will be available this month at http://www.DVineWise.com. Order your copies today.

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